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About Alagöz Furniture

Founded in 2014, ALAGÖZ FURNITURE provides services in the field of furniture and carpentry. The experience they have gained in their professional life of more than 17 years and their success in customer satisfaction make Alagöz Furniture the preferred furniture and carpentry in its sector.

What are the Services of Alagöz Furniture?

Kitchen Cabinet

We make your kitchen cabinet according to your kitchen size.


We design modern wardrobes and multi-purpose cabinets according to the size of your room.

Bathroom Cabinets

We make modern bathroom cabinets according to the size of your bathroom.

Floor Coverings

We lay your floor with modern coating materials such as Laminate Flooring.

Door Installation

We assemble the doors you choose from our catalog.

Store Systems

We make systems such as shelves and stands for stores and decorate your store.

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